Company HR payrolls are a complicated process from a legal and business compliance perspective. From a taxation point of view as well, calculating employee wages following TDS deductions can be a painful expenditure of time and resources. Mac Consultant can help you out in this matter by taking over the HR payroll work along with all the tax and regulatory features involved in it. This frees up business heads from dealing with tax issues.

Companies keen on a lean approach to business usually outsource employee payroll work to third-parties. Certain companies have staff sizes that do not require investment in an HR department. This is particularly true for small and medium-scale firms with high attrition rates. The other reason is also to do with tax laws that can involves cases of penalties for non-compliance.

As an experienced payroll solutions provider, we take over the payroll tasks smoothly and without hassles, leaving other strategic and marketing tasks for our clients to deal with, freeing up precious manpower and time resource. We have developed our taxation, legal & HR resources dedicated to calculating salaries and reimbursements on a day-to-day basis. With our skills, we can handle all kinds of employees: whether temporary, project-based hires or permanent staff with their bonuses based on performance. Mac Consultant ensures efficiency and financial accountability that saves costs and time for our clients and business partners.