Talent acquisition is an important component, forming the initial part of the whole process of Talent management. This involves various modes of recruitment: from online profiles, telephonic calls and assessment tests to find out the right candidate. In addition, the talent acquisition involves onboarding and training new employees.

Mac Consultant helps medium to big companies and larger enterprises find the right team member with required skills and talent. It enables them to reduce HR, operational and financial overheads and spend time honing the skills of already existing employees. Our talent acquisition expertise helps companies fill the gap caused by new project allocation or due to high attrition.

Once, we are given the project, our senior recruiters start the hiring processes, scouting potential hires from mostly eligible resumes and assessing them for their abilities. Our recruiters are trained on their soft skills and possesses a knack for finding the right people for the job. More importantly, they also act as intermediaries between the prospective talent and HR managers of your company, creating a communication bridge between the two.