With flexible hiring options sought after by our various clients, we have designed our services to match these needs in a seamless, one-fits-all-gloves approach. Our recruiters know the right spot, and the right people for the right job. All our clients have to do is submit to us their talent requirements, after which we peruse as per our well defined Methodology to recruit the perfect candidate for the required roles and responsibilities.

Contractual/Project based hiring is beneficial for industries and job markets where seasonal jobs play a greater role in hiring and work considerations. Many IT and non-IT companies have limited, time-bound projects for which permanent hiring makes no sense in terms of training, costs and time.

Once we have ascertained and scrutinized such profiles, we set out to conduct telephonic and video call interviews to make an initial assessment and only after thorough background checks, do we then forward them to our clients. This is immensely beneficial for our clients who don’t have to spend time and money to gather profile data and go through them when they can simply hire us for the less amount and quick turnover.