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With experience of over 2 decades, Mac Consultant has been an HR and recruitment partner for diverse industries. Our candidates are the epitome of professionalism, teamwork and leadership. Our philosophy and methodology allows us to streamline talents for the right location, experience and industry, ensuring a seamless and smooth HR integration to the company’s culture and work requirements.



The automobile sector continues to play a major part in not only commuting services but also logistics and transportation industries. Such benchmarks are set with quality innovation, safety principles and talented minds that drive innovation. With the newly emerging automation and changing in business dynamics demand workforce from diverse technical and non-technical backgrounds

We continue our collaboration with major automobile corporations. Europe and America comprise a major part of our global clientele. We deliver cutting-edge recruitment services including temporary/ permanent staffing to cater to our clients requirements. The talented people we have placed continue to power major decisions in the automobile sector.

Heavy Engineering

Heavy Engineering is critical to the national economy and has massive contributions to the technical aspects of most major industrial manufacturing jobs involved in handling complex heavy machinery and equipment. With good technical know-how and experience, heavy engineering professionals are in high demand across major global businesses.

Mac Consultant fits perfectly well with businesses and industrial design companies that require technical expertise. A good section of our experienced recruiters come from technical backgrounds themselves. With their experience, Mac Consultant can find the necessary professional portfolios, short-listing them, onboarding them, inducting and training them for the tasks they are required to perform.

Heavy Engineering
Manufacturing_ Operations


As the most important aspect of the global economy, the manufacturing sector continues to provide jobs to millions of technicals and non technicals professionals. But at the same time, the volume of job placements, the skills required and the time it takes for new employees to adjust pays a crucial role in production and operations.

We have contributed to replacing and replenishing the right talents for various portfolios and positions available from time to time. We also give a shoulder to our client’s burden by taking charge of HR and payroll operations. Our excellent network and expertise in staffing solutions allows us to plug gaps in job roles as soon as it is needed.


Construction industries are a diverse mix: embedded locally with laws and regulations and expanded globally for major projects in PSU/Pvt sector. With changes in methods of construction and the means of project approval in a time-bound manner, there has been a decisive shift in employment modes too.

Our recruitment services lookout for talents, placing them and honing their career graph. The construction industry has a vast pool of temporary jobs for particular projects. On that basis, Mac Consultant is in the know-how to understand patterns of employment and takes the necessary steps in augmenting recruitment services that find both marketing and project professionals as well as highly skilled construction engineers.

IT and non IT

Non-IT Sector

IT & other non-IT sectors employ talents that remain in a perpetual state of job changes, resulting in high attrition rates. Timely placement of new candidates is therefore critical to smoothly running operations on a minute-to-minute basis. The sector is such which experiences high job fluctuation.

This is where our recruitment experts have a keen eye for spotting talent and placing them quickly into their roles. They understand the crucial difference between technical proficiency and soft skills that work well in backgrounds. Our boutique of offerings right from staffing solutions to project/ temporary placement and workforce transformation to augmentation, helps clients fill the void frequently created due to high attrition rate due to new project allocation requiring a particular skill set for a short period of time.


Chemicals and petrochemical industries maintain a major demand for critical, innovative talents in fields related to drilling, extraction, refining and operations managers along with financial control accountants. With stricter govt norms and environmental regulations, there is a growing demand for compliance measures, quality engineers and many more. Considering the challenges, Mac Consultant comes into the picture.

Our vast network of employee referrals allows us to have quick turnaround times in replacing or appoint critical talents. Our recruiters are armed with a vast pool of databases to mine profiles vital to the job requirements. Be it a temporary hiring for a short term project or an engineering workforce hiring for crucial long term project, Mac Consultant offers array of staffing solutions.

Chemical and Petrochemical


While large-scale investments have been planned and numerous projects are underway, the lack of competent manpower to execute these projects and subsequently operate and maintain them is already being felt. These units demand talented and technically efficient manpower.

As a well-known recruiting firm, Mac Consultants has performed talent acquisition and recruitment projects for various companies. We have the database, the know-how and the platform for sourcing, engaging and placing skilled engineers and workers whose jobs shall be critical in the construction, evaluation and maintenance operations of major power plants and renewable power units. Our well-placed engineers continue to perform their duties in major power plants across India and the globe.


The nature of government jobs is also transforming with the rise of Pvt/Public partnerships in major public utility companies. With such diversification of job roles, an altogether different recruitment matrix emerges concerning hiring candidates to fill up temporary as well as permanent jobs. This calls for a distinct approach to recruiting and placement but also making public information available to the right candidates for them to apply.

Mac Consultant has a deep background knowledge related to the necessary qualifications and eligibility requirements for candidates. We have our separate pool of recruiters specializing in filling up vacancies in Govt jobs related to various PSUs sectors, each with its own set of technical and non-technical requirements. Our talented people can easily scout and can find the right candidates with their tools of assessment and recruitment.