Our staffing solutions and services cover all aspects of employment; from a job application, interview, and appointment to rewarding and retaining. With our decades of experience in day-to-day aspects of staffing operations, our services can work wonders for your company making Mac Consultant the most preferred HR solutions provider.

Our staffing services can complement your company most crucially: keeping a lean business model that saves cost and time. This is particularly well-suited for start-ups and medium to large scale business houses. From the process of job applications, we begin an entire HR recruitment and placement process that runs with clockwork precision, zeroing in on much-needed skills and abilities, but most importantly willingness and dedication.

Once we determine the right candidate, we play a role in placing and training them as and when required after which we manage their employee portfolio on behalf of our clients. This also means critical involvement in employee issues and their resolution promptly so that the management can focus on other important business aspects.